Specialization and Services

In addition to client based custom project development and supply of components, GST provides turn–key solutions covering the complete spectrum of the projects including but not limited to: Feasibility Study, Consulting, Design, Manufacturing, Integration, Assembly, Construction, Implementation, Commissioning, Training and Maintenance.

Feasibility Study

GST provides complete feasibility study service for clients to asses the economic viability of their proposed projects. Our thorough analysis of any development will indicate whether or not to proceed with the proposed venture prior to any serious investing. During a feasibility study we examine three main areas of market issues, technical & organizational requirements and financial overview.


GST has a professional team of consultants who provide expert advice to its clients. Every member of the team has broad knowledge of Solar/Alternative Energy industry as well as environmental issues. The scope of our consulting work covers the complete spectrum of our projects and is not limited to any particular area.


One of the main areas of our services is the design process. Our design team consists of engineers with different technical backgrounds. Whether it is a single solar light or a major power project, we adhere to stringent design guidelines and quality assurance. We only use the highest standard and most reliable components in our designs and when required, engage in in– house or field testing prior to finalizing the design.


While most of our components are procured from renowned manufacturers worldwide, our in house manufacturing is actively involved with certain sections of each project. We maintain a medium size manufacturing facility that accommodates and assists in the integration and assembly processes. All our products are manufactured and assembled according to the highest international industry standards.


GST does not directly involve in construction scope of projects. However, in turnkey solutions we outsource the minor/major construction and civil work requirements to competent companies that have ample experience in that area.

Project Implementation/Testing/Commissioning

GST is proactively involved in complete process of execution and implementation of each development. Thorough testing is made prior to commissioning and handover of each project to the client.



GST maintains its projects for the period agreed upon in its contracts. We also engage in providing maintenance on contractual basis.


GST provides professional training to the clients’ technical and maintenance staff at prior to the completion and delivery of the project. We also supervise the performance of the technical staff within the warranty period and make ourselves available for any assistance required.

Education & Awareness

GST is also dedicated in promoting a higher public understanding and awareness of available and practical alternative energies and current environmental concerns through workshops, teach-ins, conferences and demonstration sites.